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Security Alarm Systems Lahore Pakistan

ZH automations is the top retail outlet for Security Alarm Systems in Lahore Pakistan since 2015. Our range of Security Alarm Systems are from NICE who is the leading suppliers of residential and commerical Security Alarm Systems in Pakistan & accross the world.

ZH Automations has many happy customers for its security alaram systems for homes and offices in Lahore, Islamabad, Faislabad, Sialkot, Azad Kashmir and Gujranwala

With our alarm systems, your home becomes practical, comfortable and secure: enjoy your living spaces with complete peace of mind, keeping everything under control, even when you are away.

You can protect up to six different zones, making the system suitable for any need, your habits and your lifestyle. Security alarm systems are accessibe while you are away through internet.

Benefits of Security Alarms

  • Different security zones
  • Designed to be accessible
  • Safe for user & flexible
  • Controlled access to areas

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The NiceHome alarm system protects the desired area using exclusive “concentric circle” logic: prevention is the best way to keep out unwanted events and limit the consequences.

The protected area is divided into three zones:

ZONE A, the outermost zone, usually the garden or balcony.

The sirens play voice messages to signal any attempts to intrude, before these actually begin.

ZONE B, the perimeter of the house.

The sirens are activated at the first attempt to break in through doors or windows.

ZONE C, the rooms inside the house.

As soon as the detectors sense an intrusion, the alarm is triggered and the control unit calls the programmed numbers or sends an SMS.